3 thoughts on “In ‘Frank Joins the Club,’ Frank’s Place Was One of the Rare Shows to Tackle the Subject of Colorism

  1. There was also an episode of HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET that addressed the subject of colorism, where Megan Russert sets Al Giardello up with one of her friends, only for Megan’s friend to reject Giardello because he’s darker-skinned than her. The subplot was drawn from Yaphet Kotto’s own dating experiences. I’ve always remembered it because that’s where I first learned that colorism was a thing.

    I’d give the episode title, but I can’t recall it offhand and I don’t have access to my HLOTS episode guides right now. It would’ve been during S3 or 4, after Megan Russert was introduced as the lieutenant of the other shift, but before she was demoted down to detective on the show.

  2. Sad there was not a second season, although it was a strange time for CBS and there almost was.
    It was a down time for with all their hit shows but Muder She Wrote in decline, and most would be gone in few seasons.
    That fall they launched 9 shows(only Jake and the Fatman would be a success) Among them were 4 critically acclaimed shows, all struggling in the ratings. Come May CBS would renew all 4 including Frank’s Place.
    However, the next season was a strike delayed season, and by the time it was settled, CBS had reversed course and canceled Frank’s Place.

  3. @John B Trumball: I think the H:LotS episode was “Nothing Personal”, from season 3. (It was supposed to be the 9th episode, but due to NBC screwing around with the episode order, it aired 18th in the season.)

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