16 thoughts on “Who Was the Garage Band Singing ‘Daddy Cop’ in the Latest Episode of The Rookie?

  1. “Is that a baton in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

    she puts the short in shorty, and he looks like he wants to chase me.

    cop cuties, cute and on duty. navy blue booties, go ahead and lock me up. arrest me, but make it sexy…

    ..arrest me but make sexy, sell me some meth please, so I can get arrested by this daddy of a cop, with his Daddy cop watch, and his Daddy cop arms, and his Daddy cop butt, OW!

    Cop cutie, cute and on duty, cop cuties, cute and on duty, arrest me, but make it sexy, arrest me, make it sexy…”

    Hope this helps you all. if it’s stuck in your head as bad as it is mine, I know it will. you can even find the clip on YouTube if you feel the need to jam to it in your car like I did 🙄🤣

  2. I loved this song and part of the show. I need to download daddy cop lmfaoo it was awesome.

  3. Waiting for the full length version of this song, and I don’t make comments, etc, but this is a fun, super catchy tune. I’d buy it, and then figure out how to use my I-phone to play it. ( yeah, I’m old, lol.) I’m excellent with mammals, not as much phones:D

    Love The Rookie, can relate to new career. Retired once and became a Paramedic at 44. Now almost 60, still loving it. (No, we aren’t “ambulance drivers” and NO, never shock a flatline, LOL. )

    Feel free to reach out for any official real life “how to’s” for emergency scenes. Grew up in the ED, DR family, and I’ve been critical Care for 7 years.

    …..and if you ever want to write about EMS, that would probably be an awesome song, too.

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