7 thoughts on “Who Was the Best Late in the Series Addition to a Long-Running TV Series?

  1. I don’t think I will be able to top the Milloti addition to HIMYM that someone mentioned on Facebook, but DiCaprio did add a lot to Growing Pain’s final season (complex character, more facets to Cameron’s character, less awkward teen boy). I am not sure when they added the last kid, but I felt like she was around for more than two seasons.

    Billy Eichner added to Parks and Rec’s final seasons, but it wasn’t the top cast and I don’t think his name’s In the opening credits.

  2. Paget Brewster and Keith David in season 6 of Community. Somehow, despite almost a half of the original main cast was absent from the last season it still managed to be fun and I think it partly is because Brewster and Richards were able to give the show some fresh air and new characters that still fit the tone of the series.

  3. Philip, Keith David’s line “I’m no one’s fourth ghostbuster!” still has me cracking up

    My vote though goes for James Spader’s Alan Shore in the last season of the Practice. So reinvigorated the show David E. Kelley retooled the second half of the season into setting up a new show with him (Boston Legal of course)

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