3 thoughts on “What’s the Last Movie Plot Twist That Impressed You?

  1. I loved the plot twists in Knives Out, but since it was a mystery movie, I suppose that I was already expecting some twists going in. So I’m going to say the revelation that the Vulture was Liz’s father in Spider-Man: Homecoming. They did a beautiful job subtly setting that up earlier in the movie, but I was STILL shocked when Michael Keaton opened the door when Peter arrived to pick up Liz for their date.

  2. I totally agree that it being a modern murder mystery put the “twist bar” extremely high. I think they cleared it still, but yes, VERY high bar for twists.

  3. I still remember the collective gasp from rhe audience when we learned The Vulture was Liz’s father in Spider-Man Homecoming.
    We even saw the film twice and the response was the same.

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