6 thoughts on “Columbo’s ‘Suitable for Framing’ Had One of the Best ‘Gotcha’ Moments in TV History

  1. What’s interesting about Columbo is that by the Second Season he is stated to o be the Best Detective on the force by both The Commissioner abd the Mayor, and shows the police work, collecting evidence interviewing witnesses reading reports etc, that could be used on court

  2. Yeah, Kevin, I liked when they would sometimes acknowledge just how good he was…and then it would basically be forgotten. This dude should have MULTIPLE news articles on him about how good he is, and yet no one knows him.

  3. It would certainly shorten the episodes if Columbo showed up at a suspect’s house and they just went, “Ah, %$&#, it’s Columbo. I can’t fool him. I give up, it was me.”

  4. I don’t recall anyone pointing out that Columbo is almost always lower-class Schaub vs upper-class snob. Every killer is rich, famous or in a position of power. I don’t think Columbo ever Investigated a domestic homicide or drive-by or anything even middle-class

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