1 thought on “East New York’s Regina Haywood is Like a Modern Day Frank Furillo

  1. The cynic in me sometimes feels that CBS produces shows like this on occasion (or allows them to be produced) in order to gain cover for full on “copaganda” enterprises like BLUE BLOODS or even years before it, COLD CASE (which had some shocking conflicts of interest or cruel interviewing tactics if you ever rewatch it). That way when someone points to the network as being part of the problem, EAST NEW YORK is a show an executive can point to and say, “See? We’re moderate. Now watch another 5 shows where cops do no wrong.”

    But I certainly agree that it is good to see a new broadcast network cop show at least try to compare itself to HILL STREET BLUES, considering how clogged with cop shows networks are. I think THE CW is the only one that doesn’t have one (MyNetwork TV airs them in syndication). And that comparison between Furillo and Regina is spot on.

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