4 thoughts on “Laverne and Shirley Limped Off the Air With No Shirley and a Halfhearted Carmine Spinoff Attempt

  1. This furthers my theory that no live action sitcom is ever still in its prime after 6-7 seasons. The last season of L&S was the 8th and it was very clear it was one season too many. Again, I get why the other actors/directors/producers etc. would want to keep a good gig going as long as possible, especially with residuals. But in the end it’s rarely worth it long term.
    THE SIMPSONS, an animated sitcom, avoided this, but not forever; for most, the show was off peak after season 9-10 and a few seasons after it just became a zombie series, existing to offer its voice cast fair paydays (since they were underpaid during the prime 90s years).
    I mean, I loved MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. But would I be the first to admit it was past its prime after season 6-7? Yep. Obviously there’s no way sitcoms can have term limits, but it is something I wish some producers or networks thought of. If a renewal relies on bits and pieces of the cast after everyone decent has fled, it is usually time to call it a run.

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