5 thoughts on “How Bob Dylan Let Sinead O’Connor Down At His 1992 Tribute Concert

  1. Dylan has a history of setting fires and distancing himself from them…. When he and Joan Baez were leaning out a window and waving at their devoted fans, Baez, intoxicated by the power and adulation made a remark like “those are our kids, Bob” he snapped back “I’m not responsible for those kids”… And he wasn’t…. The pressure and responsibility that was thrust on him alone by an entire counterculture was ridiculous for a guy who admitted he was just a guy who wrote songs…. In his autobiography he recounts walking past the table and seeing the cover of a Time magazine that had a four-headed picture on the front with Martin Luther King, JFK,RFK, and Bob himself….”what’s that supposed to mean?” He thought to himself….. He knew well the dangers of being society’s martyr and he had good reason two distance himself from that kind of controversy….

  2. Bob Dylan is a spineless coward and more. He let down a very special woman who admired him . She was so much braver and soulful.

  3. The irony is the subject matter of the song she cohse contravenes what the crow’d beef with her was.

    One thing for sure, illustrating the decline of religion in America since 1992: Today there’s no way something like what she did would cause that level of blowback in such a setting.

  4. the angel and the dogs Bob Dylan totally impotent . at that horrifying concert Bob Dylan didn’t realise you sold your soul to the Devil.

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