2 thoughts on “The ‘Out of Order’ Speech in Scent of a Woman Holds Up

  1. The producers and writers of “THE CRITIC” absolutely loved Pacino in this (albeit for topical references), and it helped keep his catch phrase, “HOO-AH!” in the public consciousness for at least another year or so after the movie ended.

  2. This movie being a remake, it is interesting to note that the whole school and trial thing was freely added to the original plot (from the italian movie “Profumo di donna” and book “Il buio e il miele”). Also, the boy played quite a less central part both in the original movie and book, as the key role
    – slightly changed from book to film – in the averted suicide was played by a young woman, a prostitute, who fell in love with the main character.

    In Brest’s movie, the prostitute role is pushed in the background with no romantic involvement, and the old man/young woman relationship is just hinted by the tango scene with the girl (also added on).

    This surely gave the opportunity to Mr Pacino to shine, but strongly downplayed the “woman” role referred in both movies’ title.

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