5 thoughts on “What Were Suzanne Somers’ Two Failed CBS Pilots After She Left Three’s Company?

  1. John Putch is best known for playing the re-occurring role as Barbara’s “not-her-boyfriend” Bob Morton on “One Day at a Time”, also from Norman lear…as well as being the son of “All in The Family” star Jean Stapleton.

  2. They really should, Cathy. Sadly, since they never actually aired on TV, it’ll be tough to get them. Usually, someone will have recorded nearly anything that actually aired on TV, even if it was just a one-time deal, but if it was never broadcast, it’s a lot harder to get.

  3. “Somers never did a series for CBS”? Unless if you count Step By Step when it transitioned from ABC at the time.

    Oh and speaking of ABC, Somers also did a pilot called “Goodbye, Charlie” an adaptation based on a Broadway play by George Axelrod which in turn was loosely based on a movie from 1964 about a callous womanizer ad agency vice president named Charlie Sorrel played by John Davidson who dies and comes back as a woman. It aired on June 4, 1985 but was never picked up as a series at the time.

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