5 thoughts on “When Did Head of the Class Jump the Shark?

  1. I’m not sure what the reverse of jumping the shark is but HOTC did it when they swapped in Billy Connolly.

  2. I grew up watching this show and have only distant memories of it, but if I had to say it did, I’d go with the switch from Hesseman to Connolly. I don’t dislike Connolly, but I didn’t think he was a great fit for the show, and definitely it felt off recasting the series lead 5 years into its run (which, if I recall, would mean halfway through the kids’ senior year).

  3. I read recently that Howie Mandell was almost brought in as Hesseman’s replacement. I asked Howie on Twitter if it was true and he actually responded to say yes. Definitely would have brought different energy than Billy!

  4. besides howard leaving and billy taking over don’t really think the show jumped the shark unless when three of the actors left the show in later seasons and got replaced by new actors. with the reason being one got a gig on broadway one went straight to college and one moved away for the chaaracters leaving the show like howards character leaving for a gig

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