5 thoughts on “Five Move Adaptations of Musicals That Were Hurt By Casting Big Stars Rather Than Singers

  1. I see what you saying with Paint Your Waggon. I actually love “Wand´rin Star” by Lee Marvin, it actually kinda helped the movie he couldn´t sing as it sounds honest and fits the intention. Also I´d argue part of why Mamma Mia! is such a hit is that it concentrates more on the fun and the enthusiasm of the cast instead of professional singing. I mean, Pierce Brosnan´s S.O.S. WAS horrible but it totally fit into the scene.

  2. Great call. I was thinking of the original film adaptation, but you’re absolutely right, the remake with Ball was awful and a flop and it did, indeed, fail due to the terrible decision to cast Ball as the lead.

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