7 thoughts on “Gimme A Break! Didn’t Know WHAT It Was Doing In Its Final Season

  1. “he literally died a few days before the final episode of Season 4 aired”

    The word “literally” is unnecessary in this sentence. If he died, of course it was literal. All deaths occur literally, regardless of when someone dies. People don’t die figuratively.

  2. “They literally couldn’t spring to get a new clip of the grandfather in New York?”

    The word “literally” is also not needed here. This is something amateurish writers often do–misuse the word “literally.” The word “literally” literally means “literally.” If you find yourself typing the word “literally” in an article, you should almost always erase it, as the chances are very good you’ll be misusing it. It’s a word that only rarely needs to be used, and never in the way you’re using it in this article.

  3. people don’t due figuratively?

    All the actors/, performers who have died on stage, there but lots of bodies out there?

  4. My understanding was that Lara Jill Miller was to be written off as well, but the producers gave her a reprieve on the insistence of Nell Carter as the two had become close. That is why the producers never quite knew what to do with her in that last season.

    I have always found Joey Lawrence to be extremely annoying. Adding another Lawrence brother AND Rosie O’Donnell set the world record for most annoying cast members in a single sitcom at three.

    A separate topic for you Brian, may be actors that kept playing characters with same first name as them. Joey Lawrence, Tony Danza, etc.

  5. They just couldn’t stop trying to make Paul Sand a thing. Amazed you made it to the last season as the show was pretty much unwatchable from the get go.

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