5 thoughts on “Quantum Leap’s Alternate Ending For Season 5 Would Have Had Al Searching For Sam

  1. Why they didn’t go with that ending I’ll never know. It is just as wide open as what they went with and definitely more uplifting!

  2. I think this one is a lot more open-ended than the one they chose. That one felt like a real finale (an annoyingly downbeat finale, but still, a finale). This seems like a cliffhanger for the next season.

  3. one thing that bothered me about the final episode is that it meant that Dr Ruth wasted her time fixing the problems in a relationship (Al & Tina) that never happened

  4. That would’ve been a good hook for a season 6, definitely. But honestly, Quantum Leap became such a parody of itself in that final year (UGH the Evil Leaper was SO dumb) that I wasn’t too sorry to see it end. Better that than continue the downward spiral.

    And to add insult to injury, they misspelled “Beckett” on the last text card, too!

  5. The trouble is, Al becoming a POW didn’t make Beth divorce him — she was going to do it anyway, frustrated with coming third behind the Navy and flying. After he was caught, she couldn’t bear to divorce him when he wasn’t even there, but after seven years she had him declared legally dead and married the man she loved.
    That’s why the series ending never worked for me.

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