3 thoughts on “The Odd Story Behind Bobby Brady’s Emotional Jesse James Episode

  1. This reminds me of the story about how during the filming of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the director Elia Kazan get an emotional performance from young Peggy Ann Garner by reminding her of her father serving overseas in World War II. Method for minors.

  2. also when they gave Bobby other examples of real great men to emulate and Wilt Chamberlain being one of them bobby went on to knock Wilt for being tall and Black 😱 I still remember that like it was yesterday

  3. It seems to have worked for the scene, but boy, I don’t think it makes a whole lot of scene to essentially emotionally torture a 12-year-old just to get a good reaction for a scene onThe Brady Bunch.

    At least the director didn’t threaten to shoot his dog.

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