2 thoughts on “When Did Mom Jump the Shark?

  1. Day One. Unwatchable dreck from the get go. Unpleasant characters doing awful things. How anyone can watch more than a few minutes is beyond me.

  2. I don’t think it ever did jump the shark. The show got some time to get going – the first season or so weren’t great – but as it started focusing more on the group of women who went to AA together and less on Christy’s kids, it improved. TBH, even losing Anna Faris for what became the final season didn’t seem to hurt the show as much as other main characters leaving other shows has, I think because there was enough juice with the other women in the group, and it still felt fairly creatively strong. It helped that these women were growing and changing every season, so there was momentum. It honestly felt like there might have been a couple of more seasons left in the show, and while 8 seasons is a fantastic run, I do wish we’d gotten a couple more.

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