2 thoughts on “When Did Moonlighting Jump the Shark?

  1. I felt that the show had a number of moments in which it went downhill

    Number 1 – at the end of season 2 as they drove off from the studio in which the series was filmed.
    Season 3 felt weaker – partially because of a change of direction, shifting away from the detective stories and over-the-top chase scenes to focus more on the relationships between characters, and partially because of industrial action (a writers’ strike, if I remember rightly)

    Number 2 – the beginning of season 4 as Maddie leaves the city …so now the series is focussed on the relationship between 2 characters who aren’t even seeing each other … with the odd break for a detective story.

    Number 3 – the transition from season 4 to 5 – I hated the clip show at the beginning of season 5, and the following episode was a failed attempt to recapture the glory of the first 2 seasons – going through the motions, following the “formula” but lacking the “magic”

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