4 thoughts on “When Did Family Ties Jump the Shark?

  1. I agree that it probably didn’t. The last season is pretty bland, and Brian Bonsai and Tina Youthers get worse at acting as they age, but that’s offset by the Nick and Mallory subplots.

  2. Day One. The show was an irritating clichéfest from the get go. Completely unwatchable.

  3. Never jumped, though it did feel like it trailed off near the end. I do agree that it was sad to see Mallory’s character sort of become this unreal parody of her former self. Would have been nice to see her really come into her own as the counterpart to APK.

  4. I was never a big fan of Family Ties as I preferred British comedies to American ones.

    I did see the reruns on afternoon television in the early nineties. I would agree that too many of the story lines in later seasons focused on Alex P. Keaton due to the popularity of Michael J. Fox.

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