2 thoughts on “What Do You Think Is the Best Remake of a Post-1940 Film?

  1. I know people say The Thing is a remake of The Thing from Another World, but is it? They’re both adaptations of John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There?”, and The Thing is so vastly different that the only real similarity is that they’re both about an alien monster in an isolated research base (in Antarctica in “Who Goes There?” and The Thing, the Arctic in TTfAW). Heck, the alien in TTfAW doesn’t even imitate its victims to blend in with the humans. TTfAW was only very loosely based on WGT?; The Thing is a much more faithful adaptation.

    Anyhoo, having said that, my initial thought for “best remake” is Airplane!, a remake of 1957’s Zero Hour!. (Yeah, it’s a parody, but it uses a LOT of the original script, in some scenes verbatim.) (Though if you don’t think that should count, fair enough.)

  2. I agree with Perler. I don’t consider The Thing to be a remake because it’s just adapting the same source material and doing it in a different way to the 50s film. In my book, for an adaptation to count as a remake and not a new adaptation, it has to specifically be remaking another adaptation and following all of the changes it made to the source material, like the recent Disney live-action remakes, or the American version of The Ring.
    To answer your question, I guess my favorite remake of an original movie is Ocean’s Eleven, and I didn’t even know it was a remake until relatively recently.

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