3 thoughts on “What’s The Worst Recurring Catch Phrase on a Show You Otherwise Enjoyed?

  1. Sheldon´s “Bazinga” is a good pick. Would also add “…legend-wait-for-it-dary” by Barney Stinson.
    I´d say I feel like catchphrases in sitcom can generally become somewhat annyoing. I get it is an easy way to create something unique and recognizable at the same time for the characters to promote and recognize the character, but huh.
    Maybe it´s just me, but do real people use extraordinary catchphrases like that? It seems like they are saying something extraordinary to underline how they are weird (Sheldon) or special (Barney). Doesn´t ring to me. I feel like in real life catchphrases would far more basic. That´s why I think “Coolcoolcool.” by Abed in Community is a far better catchphrase for a comedy character than “Bazinga!” or “Legen-Wait-For-it-dary!”

  2. I would have to say “Grow the fuck up and buy a real car!” from… No, wait, that’s MY catchphrase…

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