9 thoughts on “What Movie Would You Have Most Liked to Have Seen Receive a Sequel?

  1. Speed Racer.

    It’s painfully clear that the Wachowskis have a lot of love for the source material, and had a blast making the movie.

    I’m sure they (and the cast) would’ve loved coming back for the sequels they were planning to do. Almost as much as I would’ve loved watching it!

  2. Noah Baumbach’s “Kicking and Screaming.” I’d love to see something 20 years later at a reunion.

    Or “Duets.” Because karaoke.

  3. Kicking and Screaming – what a great, quotable movie. Always happy to see someone else appreciating it.

    It’s hard to suggest a sequel for a great comedic movie because they so rarely turn out well or worthwhile, but I’d have watched Old School 2.

  4. John’s and Rob’s suggestions absolutely mirror my own.

    If I have to pick a movie not already mentioned, I’d like Return of the Jedi to have a GOOD sequel.

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