3 thoughts on “Five Movie Fiancées Who Were Surprisingly Chill About Losing Their Engagements

  1. James Marsden also has a habit of playing these types of dudes. Cyclops in the initial X-Men trilogy, the pilot in SUPERMAN RETURNS, and as Prince Edward in ENCHANTED. He’s made a career out of either being the dude dumped for another man, and/or playing second fiddle to an overly hairy loudmouth who relies partially or fully on CGI rendering. He’s the Ralph Bellamy of the 21st century.
    Try to find a movie where James Marsden gets the girl. You can’t (at least not easily). Giant gorillas get more girls in movies than he does.

  2. The Walter thing in Sleepless in Seattle still annoys me, and I haven’t seen that movie in 30 years. He goes from his fiancée dumping him at a Valentine’s Day dinner to advising his now ex-fiancée to meet up with her mystery man crush in what, 15 minutes? NO human is that understanding.

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