3 thoughts on “Five Good Songs That Were Surprisingly Left Off of Albums

  1. I think you have a typo at the head of this piece. “Today, we look at five TV good songs that were surprisingly left off of albums.” I assume the “TV” doesn’t belong in there and was carried over from a template

  2. I bought the first 3 singles to get those b sides! All three also got plenty of air play hereabouts as well! Hard to believe these days with all the room on a CD, not to mention the unlimited space of digital downloads, that any song is left off an album anymore!

  3. “Murder by Numbers” is a wonderful small song by The Police that was dropped from their final work “Synchronicity”, allegedly for length reasons. One may say that that album is a masterpiece PACKED with incredible songs and any other choice would surely have been worse, but yet. Anyway, they put it back when the digital version was released.

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