2 thoughts on “Five Times Judging a Beauty Contest Caused Trouble for a Guy on a TV Show

  1. “Married…With Children” also did this trope. There were 1-2 episodes where the always sleazy Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) was offered the position of judging a beauty contest, just it wasn’t quite the contest he was led to believe it was (once it was for “Chicago’s Ugliest Foot” and I think the second was for a heavy women’s contest, and Al infamously hated “fat” women). But in the two part season 10 episode “Spring Break,” this trope is played straighter like the examples above. Al, Jefferson (Ted McGinley) and Griff (Al’s coworker at the shoe store, played by Harold Sylvester) head to Ft. Lauderdale after Jefferson gets them a gig as judges for a bikini beauty contest (mostly by beating up and replacing the two original judges Jefferson was supposed to be working with). Once Al finds out that the top prize is $100,000 and that his daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate) is in the area due to her own plans, he encourages her to enter and vows she’ll win. All of the contestants do the sorts of sleazy things fans of the show would expect (like eating a banana), and it takes a lot of threats from Al for Jefferson and Griff to eventually vote for Kelly in the end. Her victory is brief, though, when Marcy (Amanda Bearse) and Bud Bundy (David Faustino) conspire for revenge by exposing the cheating going on. Bud, very much his father’s son, happily accepts the “thanks” from the rest of the grateful beauty contest competitors. Even sitcoms intended to satire other sitcoms follow the patterns sometimes!

  2. The Flintstones had a “Fred and Barney judge a beauty contest” episode, in which an extended joke about a 45 inch bustline reminds viewers that the show was not originally intended for Saturday mornings.

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