2 thoughts on “Five Times Former Co-Stars Make References to Their Earlier Series When One Actor Guests on the Other’s Later Series

  1. When Undateable became Undateable Live, Whitney Cummings became a recurring guest star, playing the girlfriend of Chris D’Elia’s character. D’Elia had previously starred as Whitney Cumming’s boyfriend on Cumming’s short-lived sitcom Whitney. During the Undateable Live era, they did separate shows for both the east and west coasts, so they had a lot of improvisation and alternate lines to keep things fresh and spontaneous (there were a lot of standups in the cast, so they were good at thinking on their feet). They’d also occasionally lean on the fourth wall. During one episode when Cumming’s character Charlotte said something risqué, D’Elia responded with, “Don’t get us cancelled twice!”

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