4 thoughts on “Jon Seda’s Casting as John Basilone in The Pacific Spotlights A Problem With the Depiction of the Military

  1. This is the problem with most youth casting. Age appropriate casting almost never happens, especially so with males.

  2. This also happens with casting people from the past like Roman senators, who are “elder statesmen” and they cast guys in their 60s or 70s and yet the “elder statesmen” of Rome were, like, 40 to 50 years old. I read a Wikipedia page on a Roman leader who was a military officer in his 20s, a senator in his early 30s, a governor in his late 30s and then some higher position in his 40s and retired to a farm by his 50s. Guy like that gets played by Pat Stewart as a senator when he was the same age as Joe Jonas at the time.

  3. Yes and no, Scott. Speaking about Romans, I doubt a man in his forties who had actively fought in the army for twenty years in an age without proper surgery, dental care and antibiotics would look as young as a 40er in the XXI century. He probably looked as a middle-aged man with a lot of health issues for today ‘s standards.

  4. the marines ages people when i served gunnys looked like old dudes grayed out i think jon did an outstanding performence as gunnery sgt basilone cheers

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