3 thoughts on “The Incomprehensible Politics of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

  1. Some of us are going to see it next week, followed by Dinner. Gonna wait to see if your questions come up. If not I’ll say ” Online, Brian Cronin wondered about..” and see if they feel the same.

  2. I’d bookmarked this to look at after I saw the movie; several of your points occurred to me too, like the CIA agents apparently gunning down random civilians. I can buy Voller wanting to take out Hitler: the Fuehrer made a lot of bad calls and convincing him of the truth would be difficult (there’s a Czech comedy in which a group of Nazi officers go back and try but fail miserably). But yeah, why would everyone immediately appoint him Fuehrer? It’s not like they didn’t have a bunch of ambitious cutthroats who’d think “Hitler is dead! My time has come!”
    As for the Nazis as generic villains, a friend of mine made the same point about the Soviets: in most movies they’re evil bad guys who hate America, no different from Hydra or SPECTRE, that’s all we need to know. I touched on the subject in a book I wrote a few years ago (Screen Enemies of the American Way).

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