3 thoughts on “Lou Grant Hit the Ground Running In Its First Episode

  1. LOU GRANT also successfully took a supporting character from a sitcom and recast him as the lead in a drama. That is a feat that 99.9% of shows either couldn’t pull off or wouldn’t be rewarded for doing by a network and/or viewers. Instead it ran 5 seasons for 114 episodes on CBS, which is a very solid run. Ed Asner played the character for 12 seasons. For retrospect, that’s one season longer than Ed O’Neill played Al Bundy, and even one season longer than Dennis Haskins played Mr. Belding across three sitcoms (“Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” “Saved By The Bell” & “Saved By The Bell: The New Class”).

    Has any character gone from sitcom to drama and had it work out so well for as long? The closest I can think of is John Munch, played by Richard Belzer, but even Munch never starred in a sitcom; merely guest-starred in random episodes of several sitcoms (like “30 Rock” or “Arrested Development”).

  2. I know its not what you meant, but since your question is “Has any CHARACTER (emphasis added) gone from sitcom to drama and had it work put so well for so long?”

    Trapper John ‘s spinoff lasted 7 seasons.

  3. The only episode Of Lou Grant I remember is the Season 1 Christmas episode which they reran every year the show was on.

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