6 thoughts on “James Earl Jones Gave a Heartbreakingly Powerful Performance in ‘Who Do You Kill’?

  1. I’d never heard of this — it sounds incredibly hard-hitting.

    For this month, I’m hoping to see Avery Brooks at some point. I know him best from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where he has some stunning performances (To the Stars by Hard Ways!). i know him from Spencer for Hire, too. Never saw any of the Hawk spinoff, though. Were any of those any good?

  2. @Jonathon Mast

    The spin-off “A Man Called Hawk” wasn’t very good in my opinion. Avery Brooks portrayed Hawk perfectly as an anti-hero in Spencer for Hire.

    But trying to make Hawk a true hero in his own show just robbed the character of what made him so great.

  3. “Beyond the Stars” would be the obvious choice for DS9. It’s more of a detail than a whole episode, but I also liked the one where Sisko explains that he doesn’t go to the casino simulation in the holosuites because it glosses over how he wouldn’t have been allowed to go in that real time and place – it addresses why I’m sometimes uncomfortable with how race is handled in shows like Bridgeton.

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