2 thoughts on “Michael Explains What Gives Him Hope on The Good Place

  1. I just rewatched the whole series and really enjoyed it again. Often so funny. I do wish they had tried to avoid topical humor a little more as it dates a show that should be timeless.

    Still, Chili’s last episode discussion of the wave elicited thoughtful tears on both the first watch and the second. I imagine it is just a quote so does not deserve a spotlight, but damn if it wasn’t profound and beautiful.

  2. Yeah, that’s an interesting thing I’ve noticed here, the balance between “great scene” and “great quote,” ya know? I have a whole other bit for notable scenes, so maybe I’ll use that more. I’ve also been considering doing spotlights on really good episodes of shows period. I even created a category tag for it, like, a year ago, but haven’t done anything with it just as yet.

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