1 thought on “Pop Culture Wake-Up Call – Everybody Dance Now!


    1. Spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family, a teenager falls in love with the camp’s dancing teacher. – Dirty Dancing
    2. A day in the life of a group of hopefuls trying out before a demanding director for a part in a new musical. – A Chorus Line
    3. Six unemployed steel workers form a male striptease act. – The Full Monty
    4. When her daughter joins a ballet company, a former dancer is forced to confront her long-ago decision to give up the stage to have a family. – The Turning Point
    5. This film tells the story of Joe Gideon, a drug-using, womanizing dancer/choreographer. – All That Jazz
    6. A Brooklyn youth feels his only chance to get somewhere is as the king of the disco floor – Saturday Night Fever
    7. A white midwestern girl moves to the big city, where her new boyfriend is a black teen with a rough, semi-criminal past. – Save the Last Dance
    8. A group of ballet dancers deal with personal and professional problems at a fictional Chicago ballet company. – The Company
    9. A developer tries to bulldoze a community recreation center. The local breakdancers try to stop it. – Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
    10. A young drifter sets out for Vegas to become a dancer. – Showgirls
    11. A city boy comes to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned. – Footloose
    12. A young man visits his father (who doesn’t know he is his son), and competes for his father’s dance studio at the World Open Dance Championships. – Dance With Me
    13. A seemingly washed up dancer is putting on a show, but he is distraught over the new pretentious producer/star, who brings in a prima ballerina and threatens to drown the fun show in pretension. – The Band Wagon
    14. A ballet star arranges to cross the Atlantic aboard the same ship as the star musical dancer he’s fallen for but barely knows. – Shall We Dance
    15. Two teenaged friends attempt to try out to be regular dances on a TV dance show, much to the dismay of one of the girl’s strict father. – Girls Just Want to Have Fun
    16. 12 young dancers compete at the American Ballet Academy to determine who will be asked to join the American Ballet Company. – Center Stage
    17. A charismatic ballet leader pushes his charges hard, and is dismayed to discover his star pupil has fallen for the composer of the ballet the leader has designed to be her showcase. – The Red Shoes
    18. A film of the life of the renowned musical composer, playwright, actor, dancer and singer George M. Cohan. – Yankee Doodle Dandy
    19. Before opening their own recording studio, two friends must first win their city’s dance contest against a group of tough street dancers. – You Got Served
    20. A young New York dancer finally hits the big time as the star of a big Broadway musical, but finds himself torn between two female dancers. – Stayin’ Alive

    The winner, with 14 correct, was reader Dave A.!

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