4 thoughts on “Secret Invasion Committing the Cardinal Sin of Being ‘Skippable’ Could Damage the Entire MCU

  1. The comic event it is based on was exceedingly skippable so it’s no surprise the show is.

  2. I kept hoping Terrance Howard would show up and say “how did you not know?”

  3. I don’t know if I made it through twenty minutes of the first episode. It all felt so cliché. I was able to predict that Ross was a Skrull and would kill the person who called him. The show definitely had promise, but I couldn’t connect with a show where anyone could be anyone, which is one of the reasons I avoided Secret Invasion as a comic. There just wasn’t enough substance to care about what was happening since there was no guarantee anyone was who they claimed to be.

  4. Regarding “Marvel at least appears willing to cut back on the production of its MCU properties, which is probably for the best in terms of convincing the audience that these films and TV shows are still “special.” In terms of shared pop culture universe content, less is typically best.”

    Thank God/Gods/Gourd/Rudy/Deity of choice. Disney is so used to having to produce content in large amounts to hold children’s interest, they really don’t know what to do with more adult-facing entertainment. They’ve pushed out enough Star Wars and Marvel content in the last few years my eyes sort of glaze over looking at options to watch.

    It’s especially bad with Marvel because I loved the first phase of movies where each movie would give hints of what would be coming in the future, but there was time to breathe between movies. Now I haven’t watched a Disney+ series since Wandavision, and I’ve gotten much pickier about the movies, as well.

    The thing Disney hasn’t gotten the hang of is the standalone movie or miniseries that still feels like it matters. Comics aren’t as good about it as it as they used to be, but during the “triangle issues” of Superman, it felt like the writers had a good handle on taking a break occasionally to have a standalone issue to let things breathe. Another series I loved during that time was Spider-Man 2099, and the 2099 books were good at the same thing.

    I mention those two specifically because they were more than just a shared universe but intertwining stories, as well, which is what the MCU has become.

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