2 thoughts on “The ‘I Know’ Scene in Empire Strikes Back Epitomized Han Solo’s Convention-Breaking Character

  1. I think “Greedo shot first” is similar to various writers trying to explain Dr. Strange being a complete dick before his accident — his father was a domineering jerk, his sister died, Mordo tried driving him made. Just so there’s a REASON he’s a horrible person because even given he redeemed himself they somehow can’t accept that.
    And yes, it’s also ridiculous because it’s not like Greedo would have walked away peaceably if Han didn’t shoot.

  2. It’s interesting how George Lucas tried to justify the controversial “Han shot first” change in the original Star Wars trilogy. But let’s be real, that moment defined Han Solo’s character, and it’s hard to see it any other way. Also, The Empire Strikes Back’s downbeat ending set the stage for the epic conclusion in Return of the Jedi, making it a crucial part of the trilogy’s storytelling.

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