6 thoughts on “Welcome to Pop Culture References!

  1. I agree with Toasty. This sounds like a fun topic, and I always enjoy reading your articles.

  2. As the wacky widow and legacy advocate for Mark Gruenwald, my missions is to keep his passion for continuity and FUN with everything in comics and culture – thanks for carrying the torch, I enjoy reading your interactive initiatives! I started another one myself in homage to my relationship with Gru…fashion and comics called CosMODA- the Cosplay Runway.
    Imagine If Comic Con had a baby with Fashion Week! I’d love to get your PopCulture References and Comics Should be Good seal of approval. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Brian, I just discovered this site via Twitter! It looks great — and glad to see John Trumbull contributing! Of course, one more pop culture site celebrating the shows of my youth (and draining even more time away from me!) is just what I DON’T need! 😉

  4. Honestly as I’ve said elsewhere I only visit certain sites for your articles so more of that and I’m In

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