7 thoughts on “What’s the Best Example of the ‘Rule of Cool’ in a Movie?

  1. In Back to the Future, Marty McFly is seen stuffing candy into his mouth late at night when Doc calls him to tell him to bring the video camera to the mall. Slightly later in the film, Marty orders something without sugar at the diner in 1955.

    It would’ve corresponded with his sugar phobia if he was seen eating raisins or nuts, rather than candy, but candy is cooler.

  2. Let’s go back to Star Wars: A New Hope. The swing across the shaft because the bridge controls were broken. It looks cool, but it does illustrate how a lot of the original Death Star’s design was “rule of cool.” Deep shafts everywhere? Sure. No railings? Why not.

  3. My first thought was Roger Ebert’s take on a scene in 2002’s “Resident Evil”: “There is one neat effect when characters unwisely venture into a corridor and the door slams shut on them. Then a laser beam passes at head level, decapitating one. Another beam whizzes past at waist level, cutting the second in two while the others duck. A third laser pretends to be high but then switches to low, but the third character outsmarts it by jumping at the last minute. Then the fourth laser turns into a grid that dices its victim into pieces the size of a Big Mac. Since the grid is inescapable, what were the earlier lasers about? Does the corridor have a sense of humor?”

  4. There’s no greater rule of cool application that noise effects in space.

    Everybody asking for silent explosions and laserbeams, nobody really wants them.

  5. Ricardo, I don’t know. Firefly and Serenity managed to remain pretty compelling despite the lack of sound in space.

  6. The odd thing is that Marty ordered a Pepsi Free, which was free of caffeine, not sugar. Then as now, the one “without any sugar” was Diet Pepsi. (There was also Diet Pepsi Free, which had neither.)

    I’m sort of guessing it was product placement done without a lot of attention to detail.

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