10 thoughts on “Roger Phillips on Happy Days Should Have Been a Returned Chuck Cunningham

  1. It’s a good idea that makes a lot of sense!

    I just realized that since Happy Days’ setting was somewhere in the 1960s when the show ended, Ritchie Cunningham probably got sent to Vietnam at some point. Where’s THAT spinoff?

  2. He and Ralph were out of the military by the time the war started in earnest, how often were guys called back in serve in Vietnam? And I wonder if Chachi would have been drafted.

  3. If I had to guess (assuming they even considered bringing back Chuck), maybe the thought so much time had passed without Chuck that the audience may have forgotten about him, and would therefore look at it as retconning in an older brother that hadn’t been mentioned before? (Obviously, that wouldn’t be true, but I could well imagine that’s how a lot of the audience would view it, especially if they had never seen the early episodes. Maybe if the show had at least mentioned Chuck every now and then, it would have been easier to pull off.) (But then, I have no idea if the idea of Chuck returning even occurred to anyone.)

  4. If Ritchie did any time in military service, he probably was stationed at the same camp Gomer Pyle was.

  5. Ted McGinley cast as a Returned Chuck Cunningham
    Was a wonderful idea and it
    Made a lot more sense than
    having Ted McGinley play
    Roger Phillips.
    Heck Randolph Roberts could
    have returned to Happy Days
    As Chuck Cunningham and Chuck Cunningham.could have
    Been an assistant basketball coach to head coach Roger Phillips Ted McGinley.
    Also why didn’t the producers of Happy Days keep Bag Zombroski (Neil J Schwartz) on
    Happy Days?
    Bag was a member of the Demons Club and BAG was always playing Practical Jokes on Richie Potsie and Ralph and
    Bag played the drums in Richie’s band.
    The character of BAG Disappeared from Happy Days with no explanation after the
    Season 4 episode The Book of
    Records and Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz was very similar to the character of Wally Plumstead Skip Young on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Wally liked to play practical jokes on David and Rick Nelson.
    So Bag Zombroski Disappeared from Happy Days with no explanation just like Chuck Cunningham.
    Other characters who vanished into thin air besides Chuck Cunningham and Bag Zombroski were MOOSE played
    By BARRY GREENBERG and Eugene Belvin Denis Mandel and Melvin Belvin Scott Bernstein.

  6. How about a Happy Days Reunion
    Movie called Whatever Happened
    To Chuck Cunningham with the original cast of Happy Days including Ted McGinley as Roger
    Phillips Randolph Roberts as Chuck
    Cunningham Neil J. Schwartz as
    Bag Zombroski Barry Greenberg as
    Moose Denis Mandel as.Eugene
    Belvin Scott Bernstein as Melvin
    Belvin Danny Butch as Spike Hillary
    Horan as Daphne and Harris Kal as
    Bobby Melner.
    The Happy Days Reunion Movie called.Whatever Hsppened To Chuck Cunningham could be dedicated to Gavan O’Herlihy the
    First Actor to play Chuck Cunningham who passed away in
    2021 and to the memory of Tom
    Bosley Erin Moran AL Molinaro
    Pat Morita Beatrice Colen and Ed
    Also Misty Rowe played Wendy on
    Happy Days and Tita Bell played
    Trudy and Marla Pennington played
    Cynthia Brannigan.

  7. Roger Phillips should have been Chuck Cunningham when he came to Happy Days. Why introduce a nephew nobody knows? The audience would of figured it out, they could’ve showed some old episodes mentioning Chuck and then bring in Roger Phillips.

  8. A show about Wendy and Marsha from Arnold’s would have been nice. Wonder if that was discussed before the concept of Laverne and Shirley? Or and origin story of Arnold himself. If he faced any descrimination as foreign and people of color were not regarded as the same back then. Those could work today as long as they connected right to the original. Just a thought.

  9. A show about Jenny Picallo. The fact that she was only talked about for the longest time led me to believe she was to actually in the show but they couldn’t figure out who to play her.

  10. “Welcome Home Rodger”??

    Rodger Philips should have been Chuck Cunningham. Happy Days could’ve played a couple of old episodes right before they introduced Chuck again, they could’ve played one episode with the first Chuck and then another episode with second Chuck and then bring in the third Chuck. It would’ve been a perfect 360!

    *Missed Opportunity*

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