3 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch Was Way Ahead of the Game With ‘Kelly’s Kids’

  1. I don’t think Mike Lookinland’s middle name is Todd – I think your article confused him with little brother Todd from “Kelly’s Kids”.

    Mike Lookinland is actually “Michael Paul” Lookinland…coincidentally, Robert Reed’s character on The Brady Bunch was Michael PAUL Brady….although in the 1990 series The Bradys, he was called Michael THOMAS Brady…

  2. Thanks, Axel, it was just an accidental vestige from a cut and paste of Todd Lookinland’s name from earlier in the sentence so I wouldn’t have to spell it again. 😉 Fixed now!

  3. If that TV era weren’t so racist,I’d have been the perfect boyfriend for Marcia-middle-class (bearing,at least ),boy-next-door handsomeness,small (in 1969,I was five-six,about 120 lb. at 16 and looking about 13) and shyness around girls,all of which I’ve retained 43 days from my 70th birthday. (Well,I’m a brawny,somewhat beefy five-nine,200 lb. today,but my other boyish characteristics still ring true.) But,you see,my only chance to be on “The Brady Bunch” would have been as Greg’s best buddy,and visiting him one day,Marcia,who (of course) would have had a black girlfriend,would have rung up the other chick and raved about my good looks,finally saying that we’d be the perfect couple.(Because blonde white girl Marcia,of course,couldn’t have been given even a handsome black boyfriend from 1969-1974.)

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