13 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers’ Rebeca Arthur Speaks Out Against Bronson Pinchot

  1. Bronson practically retired from acting and now buys and sells houses in PA. He is not from a wealthy family and needs to work, Rebecca. Drugs , perhaps.

  2. I saw Rebeca Arthur Golden bungee jump and do a circus act also on television. She is a gifted entertainer

  3. Yikes. It’s pretty bad when you get a giant head over being on a crappy show like Perfect Strangers.

  4. My question is if Bronson is aware of what’s been said about him, why hasn’t anything come from him about it in return yet?

    God bless him always!!!

    Holly in east TN (a girl who will forever remain loyal to him)

  5. If you don’t like the show Carolyn don’t watch it but don’t disrespect it at all or who worked it very unprofessional

  6. I remember reading a comment somewhere by a person in The Business. He said that most actors become full of themselves after becoming successful and they only have a certain window of time to get over themselves and not be an AH for the rest of their lives.

    I hope that Bronson has gotten over himself by now.

  7. Not to belittle the actress’s (who played Marianne on “Perfect Strangers”) recollections and opinions, I must say that the eyes often give a truer impression of who a person really is than their actions. I’ve been in love with Bronson Pinchot for decades, (although I rarely got to see “PS” during the show’s initial run, while I was raising three kids who had other ideas about what shows were good to watch. I still haven’t forgiven them for making me waste hours of my life I’ll never get back on “Dukes of Hazard”). Now that they are grown (my kids, not the Dukes), with lives of their own (and the occasional “loan” from the First National Bank of Mom), I feel blessed to be able to binge on reruns of “Perfect Strangers” since returning from the rehabilitation hospital. (Sequence of no good, terrible, very bad events that would make a Russian playwright salivate: early Nov. 2022 I crashed my car; late Nov. ’22, my cat, Sugar Pie–my best friend–died; Dec. 1, ’22, my husband–the kids’ stepfather–died, having purposely left me penniless with the aid of his awful family; two weeks later I took a horrific plunge down the stairs, breaking my neck & nose, sustaining a massive concussion and spinal cord injury, and splitting my face open) My middle kid, Zebadiah, was visiting that day. Luckily(?) he was at the front door, waiting for me to unlock it, and heard the crash; he called 911, broke a window pane to unlock the door and come in and save me, holding me in his arms and holding the pieces of my face together in an effort to slow the bleeding I’d only started locking the door because the night my husband died his lazy grifter of a daughter came in and lied to me and stole from me. And I didn’t want a repeat performance of THAT.) The character of Balki –in the hands of consummate actor, vocalist, physical comedic actor, and sensitive delight is restoring my faith in humanity. Of course, I’m still madly in love with him, and would die happily on the spot if we were I ever to meet–or even speak or correspond. (He is actually too good-looking–read: adorable–
    sweet, and talented to be real; but I’d be very disappointed to learn that he was a cyborg.) And in Mark Linn-Baker, he had the perfect foil to and participant in Balki’s delightful antics and adorable misunderstandings. Of course, the writing was exceptional, but without Bronson and Mark, and their abundant talent it would never have worked, at least not for 8 marvelous seasons. I have abandoned MSNBC and CNN to feast upon Perfect Strangers reruns (which heretofore would have been impossible for me, as I feel I MUST keep an eye on Donald Trump before he kills us all). And after reading about Bronson’s emotional struggles and recovery, I think there’s hope for me: after all that happened in those couple of months and my 2-month hospital stay, I am left lonely, anxiety-ridden, and fearful in a house I can no longer take care of by myself (constant pain, and would rather watch Perfect Strangers on FreeTV), and which I can’t afford to fix or keep up, help with–the yard, woods, and landscaping alone are beyond my current physical abilities. But if Bronson can regain his confidence and move forward so can I. I think. I hope.

  8. I have no idea if the information in this article is true or not….I have no reason to doubt her experiences. What I find strange is that she praises Mark Linn-Baker to the hilt, but from what I’ve seen he and Bronson are quite good friends (from the various interviews I’ve seen them do together over the years). If Pinchot created such an atmosphere on the set, why would Linn-Baker still be so friendly and complimentary of him He doesn’t have anything to gain by it. Nonetheless it is very common for Hollywood stars to lose their humanity….sadly.

  9. I don’t know if this is true. It very well may be. What I do know is true that we need to stop just ASSUMING it’s true every time a guy is accused of sexual offenses. I know this won’t ever stop but it should. It has been known to ruin lives. But, who cares, right?

  10. He’s gay! He was given a hard time over being gay from Tom Cruise on the set of Risky Business. Gay people don’t just change. I mean, we dont know his personal life he could be Bi I guess. And he hasnt retired to sell homes, he’s in the upcoming Axel Foley and he’s acted since Perfect Strangers. Do an IMDB on him. He was hilarious in Second Sight.

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