3 thoughts on “When Did Hill Street Blues Jump the Shark?

  1. I don’t remember the ebbs and flows of the show over time well enough to say for sure, but I know that the shark had been jumped by the time they killed off Joe Coffey. And I *think* the introduction and death of Harry Garibaldi were probably on the other side of the line too.

  2. Garibaldi was introduced at the end of Season 4. What happened was that Milch becoming the showrunner also likely coincided with some budget cuts, so the show cut a bunch of characters, including Harry, but what I liked was that they gave them all exits. For instance, we followed up with characters who were written off like Ray Calletano, while Harry was eventually killed off, but he got a spiraling arc leading to his death. I didn’t like Coffey’s death, either, but it happened towards the end of the final season, so it didn’t bug me that much, as the show was obviously ending by that point, ya know?

  3. The show lost me when they killed Dennis Franz’s character and then added a new character played by Dennis Franz.

    He’s a great actor, but really we can’t find anyone else to play Buntz? It just failed my suspension of disbelief to have the same actor back in the cast

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