3 thoughts on “When Did Little House on the Prairie Jump the Shark?

  1. Then there was the two-parter when Jason Bateman’s character was shot. A mysterious man called Elijah told Pa to build an altar on top of a mountain. I’m not going to spoil the ending, but it did make me, as a young boy, wonder what the heck was I watching.

  2. There are too many to count, really. This was a series full of ridiculous episodes. The one where I recall giving up was the Halloween episode in Season 6, where it’s all Albert’s dream. Around that same time, Albert dressed up like a Werewolf to scare a bully or something. Looking back, I guess I never liked Albert. Ha!

  3. I think it jumped with the introduction of Albert. He wasn’t a real person, nor in Laura’s books. They just added him because reasons. He was the Scrappy-Doo of LHOTP.

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