3 thoughts on “The Bionic Man Failed to Launch The Ultimate Imposter, So They Tried It a Second Time!

  1. OK. Were Siegel, Zacha, and Stanley involved with Chuck in any way? The computer brain thing seems an awful lot like the Intersect.

  2. Xander has a point but it also reminds me of The Delphi Bureau, about an agent who can assume all kinds of disguises because his total recall lets him master whatever knowledge he needs (e.g., posing as a plant expert he just flips through some massive botany textbooks).

  3. It’s odd because in spite of the fact that The Six Million Dollar Man was my favourite show as a child, I have no recollection of the backdoor version… but I do remember the TV movie failed pilot of it. Which was actually pretty good (or good enough for a 10 year old!)

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