14 thoughts on “Did The New York Times Seriously Say ‘God Is Dead’?

  1. I would certainly hope god is dead. Too bad the headline wasn’t correct. Theocracy has no place in a democracy!

  2. “so I guess it’s a fair enough thing for Elton John’s son to say that the Times said “God is Dead,””

    The son didn’t say that. The NYT said it.

  3. God is not dead. God is fictitious. If he never existed in the first place, he cannot be dead.

  4. God is Love. Love is everywhere and in all of us. Our love for each other insures that God will never die.

  5. Thank you, Bridget. I’ve been thinking it, and you put it better than I could have.

  6. I thank Scientist for exploring what God is doing to attract us to desire heaven. The Shroud, Medjugoria, Father Pio, Guadalupe, The Jesus Revival, Gallup poll reports 744 daily near-Death Experiences. (NDE). The Apparitions of Mary mother of God, it goes on and on. Not to mention A course in miracles and the Book of Heaven, both of which claim to have been dictated by Jesus to specific individuals relatively recently.
    But, we were given the gift of free Will and you can freely will to believe the Earth is Flat – which many people do.
    Have fun with that.

  7. God gave us the 10 Commandments for life. Jesus preached LOVE, His last & greatest commandment says”, ” to LOVE your neighbor as yourself”, + that The Kingdom of God in within you..not in an exclusive church denomination.

  8. Actually Time Magazine had a magazine cover that specifically said God Is Dead and an article that went into all the reasons they believe it is true. I don’t know what the New York TImes actually said, but TIme Magazine definitely said it emphatically.

    But, he’s not. It’s just that time for this world is almost up.

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