3 thoughts on “When Did Three’s Company Jump the Shark?

  1. Good column, Brian.

    My two cents:

    I hate to say when Priscilla Barnes joined the cast was the Jump the Shark moment, because she didn’t write the scripts. However, after she joined, almost all of the episodes were about a misunderstanding. During the Summers/Harrison years there were some misunderstanding shows, but they did not dominate the schedule. So I will say, Season 5 (and I liked the Terri character better than the Crissy character) because the scripts predominately relied on the misunderstanding plot.

  2. I’ll absolutely second this notion; I knew that Jack’s Bistro essentially spelled the end of the Regal Beagle, but I’d never thought about what it meant to the show to get rid of its hangout vibe. (To put it another way, it’s like if Monica Geller bought and ran a cafe with tables and no couch, and everyone started visiting Monica’s Cafe instead of Central Perk.)

    I’d like to give an honorable mention to “Love Thy Neighbor,” the first episode with Ann Wedgeworth as Lana. They made a lot of fun episodes after that one, so it’s not the Jump The Shark moment…but to me, that’s the first episode that feels like it went through an entire committee’s worth of meddling before it aired. I don’t know the real story behind it, but it FEELS like the episode was first written as “Jack is desperate to be with a woman, so he dates and spends the night with an older woman who lives in the building, and she becomes, in that episode and subsequent ones, a constant flirt who would absolutely wreck his living arrangement if word got out that they were together.” What we GOT was “Jack is desperate to be with a woman, but that’s just an excuse for some jokes; the main thing is that he’s broke, so he agrees to be a paid escort for a divorcee who’s wealthy enough to afford that, and he rejects her over and over, but she likes Jack enough that she leaves her home and moves in upstairs.”

    (I always liked Lana, you see.)

  3. Jack’s Bistro and the episode with Jack and his fake moustache.
    Season 8, last nail in the coffin.

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