3 thoughts on “When Did L.A. Law Jump the Shark?

  1. I always thought the consensus was as soon as Diana Muldaur’s Rosalind Shays fell down the elevator shaft, the show jumped the shark. I remember not watching the show, but tuning in to see Dr. Pulaski die.

  2. When Harry Hamlin and Jimmy Smits left after Season 5, the quality dropped, but Susan Dey was still able to carry the show. When Dey left after Season 6 the show really struggled and ran on fumes through Season 8. The finale was a true fizzle on par with the Goldbergs uneventful finale.

    What is interesting is after reading this column, I did not realize that David E. Kelley’s association with the show also ended at Season 5. This whole time I thought the drop in quality had to do with Hamlin’s and Smits’ departure. Thanks for the column, Brian.

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