6 thoughts on “Who Is Your Favorite Reformed TV Villain?

  1. The Shade on Stargirl or the Crock family on Stargirl. The Crocks were particularly fun as they had no idea how to be good people.

  2. Yeah Spike. That was a great transformation. Would add Ted Danson’s Michael on The Good Place. He was a big part of the “surprise” in the middle and then again at the end of the series.

  3. My first thought was Margaret on MASH but sure she was ever really a villain like Frank was. But could see it.

    I almost just went with Klingons, going from main adversary to allies.

    But I think will go with Mick Rory Heatwave. although he remained a thief, he became the one Sara Lance could most count on to have her back.

  4. I’m not sure if G’Kar (from Babylon 5) was ever truly a “villain” per se, although in the first season he tended to be used as something of a villain, antagonist, and/or comic relief; I think the intent was for audiences to see him as a villain before both his character changed and the audience perception of him changed, at which point he became a more straightforward heroic figure and moral leader.

    But anyway, I’m going with G’Kar.

  5. quite a number of possibles to choose from
    Crais (Farscape), Turlough (Doctor Who), Tenaya (Power Rangers RPM), etc

    I’ll give an honourable mention to Garcia Flynn in Timeless – he was the main antagonist in the first series (though misunderstood and lied about rather than truly bad) and joins the heroes against the real bad guys in the second

    But, my number one choice is….

    Xena, Warrior Princess
    a villainess when she was first introduced in Hercules but so popular she soon reformed and got her own spin-off series to seek redemption

  6. I’ll go with Lena Luthor on Supergirl. She was never truly evil but definitely crossed a number of moral lines (planning to shoot Morgan Edge, experimenting with human subjects) before becoming a villain in season 5, and then spending the early part of season 6 trying to make up for her mistakes, almost to the point of overcompensating.

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