11 thoughts on “Which Movie’s Ending Raised Your Enjoyment of the Film the Most?

  1. The end of Manhattan Murder Mystery revealed that the semi-tepid comic thriller was actually about the survival of a pretty good marriage (not to mention a great off-screen friendship).

  2. I have go even with though all these years later now seems cliche, Planet of the Apes, seeing the Statute took it to a whole other level.

  3. The Game is a very good choice. The ending really comes out of left field, but it fit nicely with the story that came before.

    I also enjoyed the ending of Haunted Honeymoon. There were so many little inconsistencies and nonsensical moments that made sense thanks to the reveal at the end.

  4. vertigo also great choice probably my second choice out of many I considered(Rebecca, The Sting, The Empire strikes back, escape from the planet of the Apes, and The Purple Rose of Ciaro)

  5. I’m thinking maybe
    A really dark twist that adds to and boosts what came before.

    An alternative (more upbeat) possibility could be a Japanese film I’ve seen
    My Secret Cache
    I’m trying to avoid spoilers or giving away the whole plot so I’ll just say that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

  6. John King, I went back and forth on Memento. The whole thing is amazing, but the twist elevated it at the end. I still remember watching that back in the day, hitting the ending, setting my VCR to rewind while I used the bathroom, and then coming back to watch it again. I don’t think a movie has done that to me either before or since.

    werehawk, I think that that whole movie was good as a psychological ghost story, so I’m not sure the ending–while amazing–elevated the movie that much.

  7. just to clarify why I mentioned of My Secret Cache
    the ending spelled out the character development of the protagonist – she is truly no longer the same as she was at the beginning but instead had become a better person as the result of her experiences

  8. Salvage. The plot involved a young woman named Claire Parker getting killed over and over so I knew there had to be some sort of twist, one that the movie would probably succeed or fail on. I wasn’t able to guess the twist in advance, but when it was finally revealed everything that had gone on before made perfect sense. It’s a movie where once you know the explanation, you can rewatch it and it’s almost like experiencing a different movie.

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