4 thoughts on “When Did Star Trek: The Next Generation Get Good?

  1. I think it got good with “Q Who” – the first appearance of the Borg. The first new adversary that could more than match the Federation. Before that episode, I felt the show was terrible-to-“meh”.
    The show really hit it’s stride once Michael Piller became Head Writer, and then showrunner with season 3. I feel it locked in with “Booby Trap” and only improved from there.
    I usually tell people to start with Season 3.

  2. I thought that season #1 episode #23 was the turning point.

    THe death of Lt. Yar and the promotion of Warf seemed to raise the stakes and make the show far more interesting.

  3. I can only agree: I’d watched some sparse episodes in seasons 1 and 2 and they did not click, then I casually watched “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and I was sucked into Trek lore. But the whole season 3 was good and getting better, or the miracle would not have happened, also, a cliffhanger like that only works if you are already involved with the characters. “Best of Both Worlds” was the booster, not the ignition.

  4. I wandered away from TNG during the first season, So dull and preachy. I was gone before Yar was! I caught Season 3’s The Survivors and was completely hooked! They had solved all the problems with Season 1! I went back was watched Season 1 and 2: S1 is uneven and dull while S2 is even worse but I blame a lot of that on the writer’s strike going into the season.

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