3 thoughts on “How Barbara Walters Came to Terms With ‘Baba Wawa’

  1. I seem to recall a lot of folks parodying Cronkite back in the day. But his dull staccato style didn’t make for a lot of laughs.

  2. Cronkite got a lot of parodies later on. SCTV, for instance, did parodies of him. But he wasn’t frequently parodied before that point, even though he had such an easy to parody voice. And guys like Reasoner, Downs, Chancellor and Brinkley weren’t mocked at ALL. Once the dam sort of broke in the late 1970s, then yes, the 1980s were full of parodies, especially Tom Brokaw and his very distinctive way of talking.

    Mad magazine parodied a few of them in the 1960s, but VERY few. Hugh Downs, for instance, appeared in Mad, like, five times over DECADES.

  3. Dave Thomas did indeed do a funny impression of Walter Cronkite on SCTV. Though Rick Moranis did a very funny David Brinkley impression on there too.

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