6 thoughts on “So, How Did Quantum Leap Rework Its Original Pilot Into Its Sixth Episode?

  1. One thing puzzles me about the episode though. They have access to Quantum Leap files so why don’t they even consider that Leaper X might be tied to the old show’s Evil Leaper?

  2. Hm, I’m not sure that all of the 2022 scenes were new, although I’d really have to watch the episode again to be sure. The biggest thing I see would be Ian’s glasses, or lack thereof. Ian’s worn glasses in every scene they’ve appeared in so far (I think), but not once in episode 6. It’s not acknowledged, so it seems (to me) a good chance that they didn’t have glasses in the original pilot, then the costuming got changed to add the glasses after that. (Not uncommon at all to make minor changes like that between pilot and series, of course.) If there were 2022 scenes with Ian where it was felt it wasn’t worth reshooting, they just didn’t have them wear the glasses in the newly-shot scenes to keep continuity. (Although we’ll need to see the next episodes to see if they’re wearing the glasses again or not. If not, then it’s probably safe to call it just a mid-season change. If they do, though, I’m not sure I could think of a reason for the discontinuity except that there were 2022 scenes that were kept in.)

  3. Also, glasses or not, I don’t see how the “Leaper X” material could be overdubbed from the original pilot. So I think it “has” to be new material.

  4. Ahhhhhh…but there IS one sequence where Addison talks to Ian about Ziggy’s prediction about the leap, and I guess THAT could be from the pilot, and then they just had Ian keep their glasses off (and wear the same outfit) for all of the rest of the scenes to make it visually consistent. Okay, I think that makes sense.

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