4 thoughts on “Who Was ‘Suzanne’ in James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’?

  1. I had heard and believed the myth about the plane crash origin. When James Taylor guessed starred on The Simpsons, he played “Fire and Rain” to comfort Homer, Buzz Aldrin, and another astronaut who were stuck in a space shuttle that was in danger. When the show featured a bit about the “flying machines in pieces on the ground” lyrics, I was amazed Taylor could join in with what I thought was a joke about his old girlfriend’s death by plane crash. Years later, when I read about the true origin of the phrase, it made a lot more sense.

  2. I’m curious what plans “They” made that drove Suzanne to suicide.
    Thank you for explaining who she was and who the “They” was that let him know Suzanne was gone.

  3. In a 1972 Rolling Stone interview, Taylor added: “I always felt rather bad about the line, ‘The plans they made put an end to you,’ because ‘they’ only meant ‘ye gods,’ or basically ‘the Fates.’ I never knew her folks but I always wondered whether her folks would hear that and wonder whether it was about them.”

  4. thank you Stacy for that info on ‘they’— I was curious about that line too. I’m glad J T explained that.

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